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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Collecting, Interpreting and Disseminating Orange County Real Estate Data

Existing Home Listing Statistics for Orange County, California

The data below provides a snapshot of residential real estate listing statistics for Orange County, California as of 2010-03-29. Asking price and inventory statistics are shown for combined single family home and condo listings.

2010-03-29 Month/Month Year/Year
Listing Price
$449,900 -3.2% 4.1%
of Listings
13,607 22.1% -1.9%

Last 5 Weeks of Orange County Data

Weekly inventory and median asking prices (as well as 25th and 75th percentiles) for single family and condo homes (combined) for the last five weeks are shown in the table. For a longer history of trends see the monthly averages data further down.

Week of SFH+Condo
Median 75th
2010-03-29 13,607 $305,000 $449,900 $700,000
2010-03-22 11,608 $324,900 $475,000 $750,000
2010-03-15 12,339 $315,000 $459,000 $730,000
2010-03-08 11,241 $319,000 $465,900 $749,900
2010-03-01 11,143 $319,000 $465,000 $749,000

Orange County 25th Percentile, Median and 75th Percentile Home Price

Orange County Home Inventory


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