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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Businesses Promote Eco-Friendly Stance with RecycleBank

Companies have a way to market eco-friendly attitudes by teaming up with RecycleBank, a company that tries to get households to recycle by offering coupons from businesses like Starbucks, Bed, Bath & beyond, and Staples, Forbes reports (via Triple Pundit).

The goal is  to increase municipalities’ recycling rates – and lower their landfill costs – by enticing constituents with coupons. RecycleBank collects a facilitation fee less than the amount saved by the municipality; customers get aluable coupons; and businesses get an environmental campaign that’s visible to consumers.

RecycleBank tracks each household’s contribution by providing containers embedded with radio frequency identification tags that correspond to each household address. Scanners on sanitation trucks record the weights of each pickup in RecycleBank’s database. Each household gets an account more


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