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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Tool for Your Loan Scenarios

We know that no two investors offer identical lending guidelines and often times you would prefer not to be spending your days reading through regs in search of specific underwriting verbiage. If you have run into a loan scenario that requires niche lending products or just want to know who offers what programs this tool is for you.

Add a Scenario
You can add a scenario here.  Scenarios are actually forum posts, so once the post is made you can discuss the scenario with other members of the community just as you would with any other forum thread.

Browsing Scenarios
Use our Scenario Search Tool to view all posted scenarios.  You can narrow the results shown here by using our 'Search Filters'.  Click on the 'Search Filters' bar to open the filtering options.


View the Scenario Details
Once you find a scenario that interests you, click on the corresponding row to view the details of that scenario.  Here you can discuss the scenario with the poster or ask questions.

Contacting the Poster
If you'd like to contact this person who posted the scenario please use the communication tools provided by MND.  These are found at the top of each post by click on the 'Contact' menu option.  Please do not post your contact information in the post.

Other Tips and Tricks

Follow the Discussion via Email
You can follow the discussion of any loan scenario, or any forum post for that matter, by clicking on the 'Receive email notifications for this thread....' link at the top of the thread page.  One click here and you'll receive an email each time someone posts to this thread.   Have no fear though, unsubscribing to updates to the thread is as easy as subscribing was.  When you're ready to stop receiving updates for that thread click the same link, which will now say "Turn off email notifications for this thread."


Follow the discussion via RSS
Similar to email updates, you can subscribe to updates via RSS.  There is an RSS link at the bottom of any forum thread that will allow you to do this.  If you're unfamiliar with RSS, you can start here.  It is an excellent way to stay informed.  I use my Google Reader all day, every day.


Finding the Loan Scenario Search Tool
The link to the loan scenario tool can be found in the Forums dropdown menu or at the bottom of any page.

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