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Thursday, April 8, 2010

50 Awesome Ways to Reuse All Your Old Beer Bottles

Whether you live in a frat house or just love to drink beer, chances are you’re hauling lots of beer bottles out to the recycling bin. Why not take it a step further and find something useful to do with your empties? Here we take a look at 50 ways to reuse your beer bottles.

There are a variety of ways you can reuse beer bottles around your home.

1.Wall of beer bottoms: Cover your wall with the bottoms of beer bottles for an interesting design.
2.Clocks: Use a clock making kit and 12 bottles for a glass bottle clock.
3.Fire lamp: Turn beer bottles into fire lamps with this guide.
4.Pebbled rocks: Use a rock tumbler to create pebbled rocks out of recycled beer glasses.
5.Chandelier: Set up a chandelier with light bulbs and beer bottles for a creative look and colored glasses.
6.Beer bottle lamp: Check out this guide to see how you can turn a beer bottle into a lamp.
7.Vase: For a super cheap vase, just use your old beer bottles.
8.Candle holders: Create a cheap candle holder for tapers using beer bottles.
9.Bottle cap mirror: Recycle your bottle caps on a mirror.
10.Coasters: These coasters are made from old beer bottles.
11.Sun catcher: Use beer glass to make a great sun catcher.
12.Beer bottle shelving: With beer bottles, wood, and fasteners, you can create beer bottle shelving.
13.Beer bottom mobile: Use the bottoms of beer bottles to create a light-reflecting mobile.
14.Beer bottle headboard: Stack and glue beer bottles together for a creative headboard.
15.Soap dish: Keep your soap in this recycled beer bottle soap dish.

With these great ideas, beer bottles can find a new home in your kitchen.

16.Rolling pin: Use your beer bottle as a makeshift rolling pin.
17.Countertop: These surfaces are made up of beer bottles and more.
18.Pitchers: Serve your beer out of a beer pitcher made of a large beer bottle.
19.Platter: Serve cheese on a recycled beer bottle platter.
20.Bottle cap trivet: Turn bottle caps into a trivet using this guide.
21.Beer bottle glasses: Cut down bottles for unique glasses.
22.Juice glasses: These juice glasses are made from recycled bottles.
23.Spoon rest: Fuse your bottles flat to create a spoon rest.

Check out these ideas for constructing with beer bottles.

24.Build a house: If you’re low on lumber, use beer bottles to create a house.
25.Solar water heater: Make a solar water heater using beer bottles.
26.Temple: Monks in Thailand have created a temple out of beer bottles.
27.Wall: Use tons of beer bottles for an indoor or outdoor wall.

Put your beer bottles to work outside.

28.Buried edging: Bury your beer bottles to create edging in your garden.
29.Footpath: Use bottles and a mortar mix for an interesting paver.
30.Flower pots: Fill bottles with dirt and seeds to create an easy flower pot.

Make beautiful glass jewelry out of old beer bottles.

31.Bottle cap pin: Use this tutorial to make pins out of bottle caps.
32.Bracelet: This bracelet is made of beer bottle beads and shells.
33.Earrings: These earrings are made out of beer bottle pieces.
34.Beads: Melt down beer bottles to create beads.
35.Glass pendant: This glass pendant is made of fused beer bottle glass.

See how these artists have created art from old beer bottles.

36.Mosaic tile: Break bottles into pieces to create mosaic tile.
37.Beer bottle camera stand: You’ll be able to make a magnetic beer bottle camera stand with this guide.
38.Sculpture: This artist created an array of beer bottle sculptures.

Get into the Christmas spirit with these beer bottle crafts.

39.Beer bottle Christmas tree: Use green beer bottles for a colorful Christmas tree.
40.Christmas ornaments: Use a hot glue gun, scissors, and arts and crafts supplies to make interesting beer bottle ornaments.

Think the fun is over when your beer is done? Think again!

41.Target practice: Use empty bottles and can for shooting target practice.
42.Go bowling: If you don’t care about making a mess, throw a tennis ball at your empties for impromptu bowling.
43.Fishing lures: Use your old caps to create fishing lures.

Check out these creative crafts and uses for beer bottles.

44.Play guitar: Use a beer bottle as a glass slide for warm tones when playing guitar.
45.Beer bottle cap belt: Show off your favorite beers on your belt.
46.Steampunk beer goggles: Turn beer bottles into beer goggles.
47.Message in a bottle: Put a message in a beer bottle and throw it out to sea.
48.Art car: Use beer bottles to create an art car.
49.Home brewing: Reuse beer bottles for home brewing.
50.Recycle them for money: Turn in your old bottles for cash at a recycling center.

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