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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Asbestos Cement Pipe (Transite) Do’s And Don’ts

• There are regulations and there is logic – try not to get the two confused!
• Regulations are often like speed limits – even though they are violated on a regular basis, hardly anyone gets in trouble for it (that does not make speeding legal!)
To Remove Transite Pipe Legally You Must Be Trained
• You can be an asbestos abatement contractor– This requires certification (CA) or licensed (NV) and
registration (in both CA & NV)• You can have Class III trained crews for AC Pipe
– This limits you to 100 square feet per project and 6 linear feet per task in CA!
• You can be AC Pipe Accredited In CA– Requires 4 hour Initial Class
– Requires 2 hour Annual Refresher Class
No matter what 
– you need transite pipe handling policy/plan (IIPP)
Let’s Start With A Few Questions
  • Don’t say the answer out loud, use the clickerto select your answers.
  • Each clicker has a number - you want to see your number on the grid!
  • To change your answer – just hit another number – BEFORE I CLOSE THE QUESTION
  • Your answers will be anonymous (sort of) – but we will be keeping score!
  • Fabulous Prizes Await Those With High Scores!
Who remembers where we get most asbestos from?
1. State Rock of California
2. It is now used only in Car Brake Pads
3. Now only in products made in China for the building industry
Hmmm, what could that whitish rock be?
If A Sub-Contractor Is Hired To Remove Asbestos, You Are Not Responsible For TheContractor’s Actions(concerning regulatory liability)
50% 1. True
2. False

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Myths and Facts about Asbestos-Cement

Is this what we call “Transite?”
Not entirely. Transite is a trade name for Johns-Manville asbestos-cement products made to specific formulations. For example, a line of Transite electrical ducts had 15 to 25% chrysotile asbestos, 45 to 55% Portland cement and 25 to 35% silica flour. I have seen a lot of asbestos-cement products in the US without the name “Transite,” not surprising since CertainTeed, National Gypsum, GAF Corporation, Celotex, Nicolet and others also produced it. I have never seen the name “Transite” used in connection with asbestos-cement products outside the US, where major producers included Eternit, Saint Gobain and James Hardie.

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