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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ricoh Unveils Carbon Tracking Tool for Printers

IBM, Ricoh Expand Sustainable Printer Offerings

As an example, users can track month-to-month trends in energy and paper consumption of their Managed Ricoh @Remote Compatible document output devices, allowing them to monitor fleet performance and the possible environmental impact they have on metrics such as CO2 emissions and conservation of forests.

The reports also include environmental metrics such as month-to-month energy consumption comparisons of the Ricoh devices and the amount of time each device spends in all power modes — operation, stand-by, energy-saving/low-power and sleep.

Ricoh says these metrics allow businesses and IT centers to better manage their fleet for increased energy savings, determining, for example, the timer adjustment of devices to go into low-power mode quicker.

The tool can ......

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