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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The luckiest man in pajamas

It's still early Friday night, but the party's already hopping.

The host, Frank Teixeira, 42, reclines in front of a wide-screen television, eating spaghetti.

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Michele Grace shares a moment with Frank Teixeira Friday night during a sleepover.
A blonde woman bursts through the front door.

"Frank T!" April Winner says. "What's happening!"

She gives him a hug.

Soon, more than a dozen people fill Teixeira's San Diego home with food, drink and laughter. Most of the partiers are from the class of 1986 at Western High School in Anaheim .

Scott VanSickle, Teixeira's best friend, arrives.

"How you been doing?" VanSickle asks.

Among the few remaining muscles Teixeira still can control are the ones around his mouth.

He curls his lips into a smile.•••

Over the years, some from the class of '86 have drifted apart.

Since last fall, however, they've been tight, holding monthly sleepovers at Teixeira's house, united in their love for the former strapping surfer who no longer can lift a hand to touch them — or even speak.

Teixeira was surfing one day in 2003 when he noticed something wasn't right with his right leg and foot. It wasn't doing what he wanted it to do.

Teixeira, who grew up in Buena Park, had been an avid board rider since his early teens – a fixture at Ninth Street in Newport Beach.

Could age be catching up with him? Could it be a lingering injury?

He consulted his wife of two years. They agreed he should see a doctor.

The diagnosis was ALS.

There is no known cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, popularly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, after the legendary baseball player who died of the disorder in 1941.

The disease attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, eventually killing motor neurons that give a person voluntary control over muscle movement. Speech, swallowing and breathing are affected. Gradually, the body becomes paralyzed......READ MORE

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