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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Asbestos removal in Los Angeles California

There are 2 parts of a successful and legal acoustic asbestos/ walls / mud  remediation and mastic flooring , or any demo of known asbestos,  first testing to determine percentage of hazardous material if any, and second remediation to clean the stuff up legally and responsibly. 

Each of those steps are 2 different professionals , we are the latter. You need a testing company prior to us working on identified material.

I recommend Asbestos/Mold Licensed Hygienist 

  1. Dave Wallach 714-328-2410
  2. Michael Jackson 949-230-9779
  3. Patriot Labs, Jeff Langenwalter 714-423-8988
  4. AES, James McClung 714-379-3333 
  5. Barr and Clark, Matt Crochet at 714-894-5700 
  6. Envirocheck, Scott, 714-831-7591

These names and companies test the materials in question, lead, 
Mold, asbestos , other contamination etc.

We actually do the abatement ,

 They charge between $250-$400 I believe, it depends on the services requested and number of samples .

Let me know, once we all know I will be glad to prepare an estimate to remove,  it all starts and end with the asbestos survey report. If you have can you email me the report?

Need the test, its the new law with AQMD, who we secure permits thru. 

For acoustic you can estimate approx $3.36 per sq ft permits thru disposal, there may be some minimums based on square footage. and 2 days of work with all furniture removed from work area.

Mastic and flooring, set $4.41 per sq ft with some minimums.

hope this helps

HVAC boot cleared of Asbestos in Los Angeles