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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cucina Alessa , Newport Beach California

Where there is no wine, there is no love" - - Euriphid

What's Italian food without the wine? Cucina Alessa without company and conversation?

Came here for a monthly dinner out with friends. Hubby ordered the Conchigle Gamberi E Asparagi which was seashell pasta with shrimp and asparagus tossed in lobster cream sauce. I started off with just a side salad. Garden greens with pepper. For my entree, I had ordered off the Chef's menu and hooked myself a Lobster ravioli. A creamy ravioli stuffed with lobster and smothered with lobster cream sauce. I had paired my dish with a couple glasses of the Zenato Ripassa wine, which is a velvety deep red which is just smooth down the palate. I was also fortunate to try the buttery nut squash ravioli too. Mmm, heaven sent as well. A vegetarian dish that is just as creamy as can be. From the appetizers, entrees, desserts and wine I cannot complain. Cucina Alessa is a definite do-over!

With true Italian chefs, a hostess from Italy, good wine, great food and even better company, my time at Cucina Alessa was worth every penny. A true little Italian gem right here in Orange County.

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5/5 Ambiance - The mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere.
4/5 Service - Helpful, accommodating, efficient, delivery and speed?
4/5  Food / Merchandise - Quality, taste, presentation.
4/5  Price - Reasonable, inexpensive, high priced?
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We were there as well last sat nite, great company and excellent service and food, go there!

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