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Sunday, February 21, 2010

OC and LA Surfers, we need your help

A few weeks ago a group of kids and counselors were at Huntington Beach "playing" in the water with a 100 year old 6' thruster surfboard. I was informed they were from CASA, .

Not one kid could stand up, but they kept trying.

No skill, no ridable board and no wetsuits.

These kids needs are very small, lets get them 2 or 3 ; 8' or 9" softtop surfboards and some of your kids old wetsuits.

Nothing new, just gear stored in your garage. Maybe your child learned on a "soft" board and its stashed high in the garage, I am also sure your son or daughter have grown and you may have a wetsuit tucked away as well.

Nothing new, lets recycle a few obsolete boards and six or 8 wetsuits for this group. You don't have to do nothing , I'll pick your stuff up, it will be effortless and responsible.

You can contact me here or

CASA is a .....Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Orange County is a non-profit organization that trains community volunteers to serve as powerful mentors and advocates for our community’s most severely abused, abandoned and neglected children

Posted via web from The Newport Beach Lifestyle

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