Wednesday, November 26, 2014

India’s New Recyclistas

The trouble with car tyres is that they weren’t designed to be used in handbags one could carry to a Page 3 event. No, they insist on being curved, not flat enough to use in one long satisfying strip, and besides, they have steel and other undesirable elements embedded in them. In that sense, used tyre tubes are much better – they are grooveless, plain rubber, and have absolutely no use to anyone in the world except the homeless who burn them for warmth in winter, and we all know that causes pollution. It’s far more responsible to wear them on your arm instead. Far more fashionable too.
Poonam Nanda, head of production at Rogue ‘N’ Rags, multitasks with ease. She switches between explaining the making of tyre bags, cuddling Brandy the Lhasa Apso, casting a critical gaze over finished bags and wallets, and checking the threadwork of half a dozen cobbler-turned-bagmakers in the firm’s Delhi workshop. For over two decades, Nanda headed an American garment production house, where she led teams of thousands of workers in Jordan, Kenya, India and Mauritius as they churned out millions of garments daily, from T-shirts to jogging pants. The pace of life at the East of Kailash-based firm, where they make only a few hundred fashion accessories a month, is slow but satisfying. After all, she’s using her skills to save the environment and get rag-picker children off the streets.  READ MORE

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