Friday, May 22, 2009

Will Chile Give Land-Locked Bolivia Ocean Access Via Tunnel?

Technological innovations can solve some of the world’s biggest problems right? That’s what a firm of Chilean architects would like us to believe. They’ve come up with a creative idea for how land-locked Bolivia could regain access to the ocean. It was not too long ago, in 1883 to be exact, that Bolivia lost the little coastline it had in a war.

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Lilypad - Floating Ecopolis

Intersting ecoprojects by Vincent Callebaut. It is anticipated that our children will live in such cities.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Astronauts Drink Recycled Urine, and Celebrate

Astronauts took a swig of recycled urine water to toast their successful testing of the wastewater recycling system on the International Space Station. U.S. astronaut Michael Barratt called drinking the recycled water the stuff of science fiction, and cracked several jokes during the inauguration of the system known as ECLSS. "We have these highl

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The Almond & the Bee: Crop Pollination May Kill Colonies

Michael Pollan - "We need to plant bee habitat where we grow our crops. If you're gonna be growing almonds, then a certain percentage of land needs to be devoted to wildflowers or whatever the bees want."

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Study Finds Reduction in Wind Turbine Bat Kills

Wind turbines kill large numbers of bats each year — a public relations quandary for wind energy companies. But the results of a new study show that sacrificing some nocturnal spin time can save the lives of bats by up to 70%, and perhaps boost the industry’s image as well.

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HVAC boot cleared of Asbestos in Los Angeles